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How to Prepare Leeks

Leeks are a wonderfully flavorful member of the garlic and onion family. They are often found in stuffing or other fall recipes around Thanksgiving. We include in our recipes for spanakopita/hortakopita.

If you don't often cook with leeks you may be unaware of how to prepare them. They are softer and more delicate than onions and thus can't be chopped in the same way.

You'll want to use a large chef's knife for this. The leek may have a lot of dark green, inedible leaves at the top - I was lucky and mine is almost all white/pale green (the part of the leek that you eat).

Remove the bottom roots and any darker green part that seems dense/fibrous.

Cut the leek in half.

Take one half of the leek and cut it long ways. Place rounded side up and then chop the leek into slices. Continue chopping until all leeks are in slices.

You're ready to go!

Below, we make spanakopita with leeks as part of the filling!

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