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Danielle and Rachael's cooking journey began at Boston University in 2010, where they studied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology together during their undergraduate degrees. Their mission has always been to create healthy dishes that don't sacrifice flavor or fun! Over the years, they have perfected healthy pasta recipes, explored French-Cambodian cuisine, made countless batches of brown rice risotto, roasted veggies to no end, and even made some desserts - from annual cookie day to wedding cakes, special occasions call for special desserts!


Can't decide what to have for dinner? Browse through our recipes and photos to get some ideas. What are your nutrition goals? Use our nutrition facts section to see how these meals fit into your lifestyle. All of our recipes try to incorporate healthy fats, fruits and vegetables, lots of dietary fiber, and increase plant-based protein sources where possible. And of course, taste is our priority! Healthy food does not have to be bland and boring. Get excited to start creating healthy food that doesn't sacrifice taste - enjoy!

Meet Danielle ~ Danielle earned her PhD in Nutritional Epidemiology and Data Science in 2019 and has a special interest in finding ways for people to incorporate healthy food into their busy lifestyles'.  Creating a healthy food environment for yourself is key to succeed. Look for tips throughout our recipe posts and check-out our Healthy Living Tips section for new ideas to design your healthy food environment!

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Meet Rachael ~ After receiving a BA/MA in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Rachael continued her education with an MBA.  She's been experimenting in the kitchen from a very early age - first helping her parents cook and then creating more elaborate meals and desserts.   She is an avid reader of cookbooks but absolutely terrible at following recipes from start to finish.

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