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Gingerbread Estate ~ 2021

In 2020, Danielle's work had a virtual gingerbread house decorating contest. Unfortunately, we found out too late to participate - but we were geared up and ready to go for the 2021 competition!

Large cardboard box base

Large cardboard box base

We used the gingerbread from several pre-fabricated houses to contribute to our design. Danielle also baked custom gingerbread for a tower that would overlook the rest of the scene. Rachael painstakingly carved the windows out of the pre-fabbed houses so that we could create a stained-glass appearance with lemon hard candies (butterscotch candies were tried, but a little too dark for our taste).

After the candy windows were added, icing decoration could begin. The majority of icing detail had to happen prior to construction.

Once all pieces were beautifully decorated we could start the assembly process. Tower turrets were made from sugar cones placed atop gingerbread discs.

Once construction was finished and dry we could start on landscaping and final decorating. A water fountain was created from a sugar cone bowl sprayed with edible silver paint; water was created from dyed white chocolate. A driveway was created from black frosting lightly sprayed with edible paint. The snowy grounds were created with white frosting and shredded coconut.

Overall, we were very happy with our final creation!

...and yes, we did win.

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